Fortinet consolidates its position as leading cybersecurity company in Latin America

Fortinet consolidates its position as leading cybersecurity company in Latin America

Fortinet, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, announced the results of the International Data Corporatio\'s Global Security Device Report for the first half of 2020, which show its consolidation as the number one cybersecurity provider in Latin America and the Caribbean, both in terms of units of devices sold and in the revenue generated from the sale of hardware units in the categories of Firewall, Unified Threat Management (UTM), Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) including Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems (IPS & IDS), and Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Fortinet led the market share in the sale of hardware security device units in the first half of 2020 with 54.1%, more than half of the region\'s cybersecurity devices. The company also led the market share in revenue with 28.5% over the same period, showing its strong presence and strong demand for its solutions.


Organizations in Latin America are building on Fortinet\'s proven, high-performance, and comprehensive security solutions to help them address an increasingly complex, sophisticated and threatening landscape. According to Fortinet\'s threat analysis lab, FortiGuard Labs, the Latin American and Caribbean region suffered 20 billion attempts at cyberattacks between January and September 2020.


Faced with this landscape, Fortinet\'s security-based networking approach has allowed it to further strengthen its market share as the number one provider in cybersecurity hardware.


"This has been a year of great challenges for IT and business security teams, who had to take responsibility for helping to maintain business continuity in the contingency. From Fortinet we decided to further increase our local presence to have our experts close to customers, supporting them to achieve a transition to remote work and a digital transformation of their business safely," said Pedro Paixao, Vice President of International Sales and General Manager of Fortinet for Latin America and the Caribbean


The closeness and execution capacity of local teams has been another fundamental differentiator for the positioning of the company in the region. Fortinet\'s continued investment in Latin America and the Caribbean has enabled it today to have the largest team of cybersecurity experts, along with a broad ecosystem of wholesalers, channels, integrators and managed service providers who deliver integrated solutions to the Fortinet Security Fabric platform.


"The strength of our position in the region is no coincidence, we are delivering solutions that help achieve visibility of all points, control and the ability to implement security policies in key areas of the business, through a robust, integrated, centralized cybersecurity platform with the best cost-benefit ratio for our customers," Paixao added.


In the first half of 2020, Fortinet also positioned itself as the number one cybersecurity company in market share by device units delivered in several key markets in Latin America, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and a consolidated geographic region called \'Rest of Latin America\'. The market share by units of Fortinet security devices delivered by country is as follows:

Argentina: 44.4%

Brazil: 56.1%

Chile: 47.3%

Colombia: 63.7%

Mexico: 52.1%

Peru: 63%

Rest of Latin America: 47.2%


Consolidating its market-leading presence demonstrates Fortinet\'s proven ability to provide customers with the most innovative and highest-performing end-to-end security platform approach to ensure and simplify complex networking and security infrastructure to protect networks, users, devices, and applications in both on-premises and in cloud environments.

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