Cisco simplifies security portfolio and reaches new levels of quality

Cisco simplifies security portfolio and reaches new levels of quality

Cisco is helping its customers and partners reinvent the way staff and the workplace operate with new security innovations across the portfolio designed to deliver greater agility, simplicity, and resilience by addressing changing security challenges, both current and future. Cisco Security announced a number of platform innovations across their portfolio, including enhanced capabilities in Extended Detection and Response (XDR); Zero Trust and Secure Access Services Edge (SASE).

To further simplify the security of customers and partners like Softelinet, for the first time in 13 years Cisco reduced the number of product names by 50% to align with the Cisco SecureX platform strategy. In addition, it is presenting platform innovations across their portfolio, including:


Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

SecureX offers XDR capabilities and more by providing sample workflows to help customers address common use cases, expanded SecureX capabilities, and analytics capabilities to improve perspectives.


Zero Trust for the workforce

Duo, a cornerstone of Cisco\'s Zero Trust solution, now automatically detects suspicious logins through Machine Learning and alerts security operations through API integrations with platforms like SecureX.


Secure Access Services Edge (SASE)

The Cisco SASE architecture connects the customer network and IT environment with multifunctional cloud security that is easy to deploy and manage. It provides seamless integrations with Cisco SD-WAN to protect branch offices and Secure VPN (formerly AnyConnect) to protect remote workers, without adding another agent. It also integrates with SecureX for better visibility and faster response actions.

Cisco Umbrella, the multifunctional cloud security service at the core of Cisco\'s SASE infrastructure, has recently positioned itself as number one in threat detection with a detection rate of 96.39 according to a study conducted by AV Test.


Customers talk about their experiences

Customers and partners who adopted a platform to manage security are seeing measurable results that deliver the simplicity and efficiency needed to stay one step ahead of attackers and deliver greater business resilience. Cisco SecureX, the industry\'s largest and most integrated cloud security platform available worldwide since the end of June 2020, is delivering its basic capabilities and measurable security outcomes to more than 4,000 organizations to date.

According to customers, the platform provided a 95% reduction in threat detection time, with an astonishing 85% reduction in solution time. More than half of customers reported saving up to 6 hours per week in incident response, a total of more than two full weeks saved per year in operations-focused responsibilities.

In addition, 82% of customers stressed the importance of the platform\'s ability to connect to third-party security tools for extensive research.

"Activating SecureX was very simple and easy", said Wouter Hindriks, Missing Piece\'s network and security team leader. "It\'s a really powerful tool that allows me to easily automate actions based on any event. Third-party integrations give us the ability to unite private and public information from many different parts and sources for a single powerful security dashboard".

"For us, SecureX has changed the game. It is a key part of Cisco\'s offering. It brings together all of Cisco\'s security technologies", said Matthew Palm, Chief Technology Officer, R1i Technologies. “This has resulted in many of our customers having a couple of Cisco technologies re-evaluate their position on security and now seek to replace legacy point-in-time solutions with the Cisco platform. We have linked this to our customer success practice, and we have seen our opportunity to increase the portfolio by 32% since July alone".

"SecureX provides our customers with an exceptional platform experience that provides an integrated and comprehensive security approach, better visibility of multiple products with composite analytics, and greater operational efficiency for threat management", said Kevin Critch, Security Solutions Director of Security. "In fact, we have the recent case of a customer, a leading provider of integrated solutions in a diverse portfolio: Civil, industrial, services and maintenance, and marine. SecureX provided the customer with a reduction in complexity and reduced their time to detect and respond to threats".

If you want to know more about the various solutions offered by our partner Cisco, feel free to contact us to advise you on the subject, always adjusting to the needs and budget of your company.

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