What works in security is not what one might think

What works in security is not what one might think

Cisco released its Security Outcomes Study 2021, which provides a practical vision for professionals to decide where to focus their efforts this year. The independently analyzed survey of 4,800 security, IT computing and privacy experts in 25 countries, is intended to find out which specific practices promote greater security.

The results offer security teams a plan for success beyond risk management but also to make business and operation more efficient. Research revealed that change is a major factor in the success of cybersecurity. On average, programs that include a proactive technology update strategy are 12.7% more likely to report overall security success, the highest of any practice.

Unfortunately, not all companies have the budget or experience to make this happen, which is also known as the "End Security Result". A strategy to migrate to cloud security and SaaS solutions can help close this gap. Subscription-based solutions are affordable, easy to deploy, and integrate, while automatic upgrades ensure technology is continuously modernized without additional costs or efforts. Other important findings in the report include:

  • Having well-integrated technology is the second most important factor for cybersecurity success. It has a positive impact on almost all evaluated results, increasing the overall probability of success by an average of 10.5%. Interestingly, integrations also benefit recruitment and talent retention, as security teams want to work with the best technology and avoid fatigue.

  • Integration is the most important factor in establishing a security culture that spans the entire company. Instead of traditional safety training programs, which did not correlate with a positive culture, it is preferable to invest in technology that is flexible and hassle-free.

As an independent practice, simply knowing the potential cyber risks seems to be the least correlated with overall success. This seems surprising, but it demonstrates the importance of a comprehensive threat intelligence and incident management program with the ability to mitigate and remedy. In fact, practices such as timely incident response and accurate threat detection are much more strongly correlated with overall security success.

"Security experts need to make quick and informed decisions. However, they are often armed with dozens of tools from multiple vendors, requiring skills to unite them and work together. This creates complexity, cost, and overhead," said Mike Hanley, Cisco\'s Director of Information Security.

"The Cisco Security Results Study 2021 helps teams prioritize practices that not only protect the business, but also play an important role in enabling their growth and success. Even in the face of an ever-changing threat landscape and ever-smaller budgets, satisfactory security outcomes are possible."

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