HPE delivers global, optimal and scalable video surveillance solutions

HPE delivers global, optimal and scalable video surveillance solutions

Companies that explore video analytics and video surveillance face big questions. Which apps are best for my organization? Which hardware, applications, and software best fit my workloads and geographic location?

The resulting infrastructure must integrate and scale with enough flexibility to address the performance, processing, and storage needs of a content-rich video solution.

60 years ago, surveillance systems consisted of black-and-white cameras and handwritten logbooks. Today, they fall within the spectrum of Big Data, with several IP cameras that store images and videos in the cloud. It all began as a series of distinct and passive observations in a demarcated topography, the results of which were only used for research purposes. However, by associating IoT and analytics capability with the surveillance system, application areas have expanded beyond basic security.

The proliferation of video streams and still images makes it difficult to manually monitor and analyze each source and data entry. The tools and intelligent systems needed to help analyze these sources, as well as free human operators to make informed decisions, now have a key relevance. In general, video surveillance leverages computer algorithms to perceive machine and data intelligence to interpret, extract inferences, and make predictions.

With advances in body cameras, drones and robots, video analysis and video surveillance applications are expanding. Most of today\'s customers generate petabytes of raw video data, resulting in increased computing needs and network capacity. The latest video devices contain additional sensors to provide temperature, humidity, and other information, which add to a system\'s data analysis and processing needs.


HPE\'s Great Offer

With a wide range of core computing and leadership solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is uniquely positioned to deliver end-to-core video analytics systems for a wide variety of workloads and operational conditions. HPE Edgeline enterprise-class systems are built for demanding operating environments and are designed to make energy-efficient operations possible. PROVEN HPE technology ensures security, remote access, and high-availability performance management platforms and tools with HPE iLO, TPM, RAID, and more.

HPE video analytics solutions generate video streams that can be analyzed at the network end, without bandwidth limitations, eliminating the need to reduce video image quality. The cost of the data is also optimized, as only the relevant video segments are processed (the others are discarded at source).

HPE GreenLake also offers consumption-based alternatives (DaaS) to make flexible deployments and operations possible. The HPE Partner Ecosystem provides an end-to-core AI architecture that has been tuned, validated, and optimized with specific use cases and associated independent software vendors.

HPE Scalable Modular Blocks incorporate multiple supported features within the HPE Edgeline Converged End System. Together, they encompass industry-leading solutions for video management, AI, and hardware-accelerated video analytics. HPE video analytics and video surveillance solutions also store large volumes of IP video surveillance data effectively, ensuring the overall performance and reliability of the surveillance solution.

Emerging new technologies, such as deep neural networks (DNNs) and hardware-accelerated video analysis, increase the computer vision capabilities of accuracy and time to results. Combining DNNs and video analytics accelerated by independent third-party software vendors with end-to-core computing makes a new level of results possible for our customers.

Unlike other video analytics providers today, HPE has a full portfolio of video analysis and video surveillance solutions and support solutions. A complete video analytics solution that includes computing, storage, connectivity, and services, all available from one of the industry\'s most prestigious leaders at HPC and with a global presence.

Contact Softelinet for additional information, reference configurations, use cases, service and support offerings, and the latest HPE technology to access world-class video analytics today. 

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