Do you know the strengths of FortiGate 2000E?

Do you know the strengths of FortiGate 2000E?

FortiGate 2000E provides high-performance SSL inspection and threat protection for companies and large service providers, with the flexibility to deploy on the edge between company and cloud, at the core of the data center, or in internal segments. High-speed multi-interfaces, high port density, the most efficient security, and high 2000E performance keep your network connected and secure. Here are some of its most prominent features and potentials:


Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

-          Reduces complexity by combining threat protection security capabilities into a single, high-performance network security appliance

-          Identifies and stop threats with powerful intrusion prevention beyond the port and protocol that examines real applications in your network traffic.

-          Delivers the industry\'s highest SSL inspection performance through industry-required ciphers while maximizing ROI.

-          Proactively blocks newly discovered sophisticated attacks in real time with advanced threat protection.



-          Objectives-based targeting creates a robust security framework while proactively reducing risk, cost, and complexity.

-          It integrates seamlessly with Security Fabric and enables the use of third-party solutions and continuous confidence assessment that prevents sophisticated attacks.

-          It protects critical business applications and helps comply with current regulations without redesigning the network.



-          An inexpensive way to mitigate vulnerabilities without installing patches on systems where it is difficult to do so, such as IoT, ICS, and SCADA systems.

-          Protect sensitive data to comply with applicable standards, such as PCI, HIPAA, personal data standards, and GDPR standards.

-          Various inspection engines, threat intelligence sources, and advanced threat protection options to defend against these unknown threats in real time.

-          Prevention of world-class intruders thanks to SSL inspection.


Mobile security for 4G, 5G and IoT

-          Safety for SGi LAN, coming from multiple SPU’s that offer CGNAT in high performance and accelerate iPv4 and IPv6 traffic.

-          RAN access security with highly scalable, high-performance IPsec control and aggregation and a highly scalable secure gateway (SecGW).

-          Several high-speed interfaces that increase deployment flexibility.


Fortinet Security Fabric

Security Fabric provides broad visibility, integrated prevention of AI-based breaches, and automated operations, orchestration, and response across all Fortinet deployments and their ecosystem. Enables security to dynamically extend and adapt as more and more workloads and data are added. Security transparently tracks and protects data, users, and applications as they move between IoT, devices, and cloud environments across the network. All of this comes together in a single management panel to deliver leading security across your environment while significantly reducing complexity.

FortiGates are the foundation of Security Fabric; extends security through visibility and control by tightly integrating with other security products and solutions from Fortinet and its Fabric-ready partners.



Control all network and security capabilities across the FortiGate platform with an intuitive operating system. Reduce complexity, costs, and response time with a truly consolidated next-generation security platform.


FortiGuard Security Services

FortiGuard Labs delivers real-time intelligence on the threat landscape by introducing comprehensive security updates across Fortinet\'s full range of solutions. Made up of researchers, engineers, and forensic specialists specializing in security threats, the team collaborates with the world\'s leading threat monitoring organizations and other network and security providers, as well as security agencies.


FortiCare Support Services

Our FortiCare customer support team provides global technical support for all Fortinet products. With support staff in America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, FortiCare offers services to meet the needs of businesses of any size.


If you would like to know more about this and other solutions of our partner Fortinet, do not hesitate to contact us to guide you in terms of your needs and requirements.


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