HPE Strategies to Thrive in the Digital Economy - Perimeter

HPE Strategies to Thrive in the Digital Economy - Perimeter

For any business, speed is essential. In the digital economy, new opportunities are emerging constantly (and increasingly faster), and your success or failure to capitalize on these opportunities can be determined in an instant.

It seems that every day something new appears that can streamline operations, open new markets, create completely new revenue streams and improve the world we live in: hybrid cloud, Big Data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other future emerging technologies.

It\'s hard to run a business day in and day out. How do you leverage these transformative operating technologies and models to accelerate innovation? Or to improve business agility and take advantage of new opportunities faster?

Today\'s businesses live on the perimeter. They are deeply immersed in the data and are increasingly looking for responses in the cloud. The reality is that opportunities to achieve new levels of business excellence can be found everywhere—at the edge, in business data, and in the cloud. In this first article, we\'ll explore the perimeter of your business; we will then analyze the area of the data and finally the cloud.


Dominate the perimeter

There\'s a lot going on at the edge of your business. Devices and processes are creating valuable information that you can use at the edge to automate operations, create real-time interactions between people and machines, and even allow your machines to "think" on their own. Make these possibilities a reality.


Connectivity, the soul of your business

In a world where everything is connected, proper planning, implementation, and management of your network becomes crucial. This is the foundation for creating widespread network connectivity that facilitates new experiences and opportunities at the edge. Achieve widespread connectivity for your business:

• Secure your company\'s wired and wireless networks.

• Create high-density wireless solutions for industrial applications or public spaces.

• Automate enterprise networks to reduce time, errors, and resources.


Take advantage of IoT

Connecting machines, products, sensors, control systems (anything you can imagine) opens up a whole world of possibilities, from quality control to patient care. This is the good thing about IoT.

It all contains data that can be transformed into valuable intelligence to support actionable decisions in real time and create interactive experiences—opportunities are as broad as your imagination.

Improve your business operations with IoT:

• Improve your manufacturing operations with Industry 4.0 smart factory solutions.

• Apply energy and space analysis to optimize your building management systems.

• Keep an accurate record of your mobile assets and their use to reduce loss.


Create new experiences on the perimeter

Delight your customers with interactive, personalized experiences and redefine the modern workplace for your employees. Put the power of digital intelligence in people\'s hands from the moment they enter until they leave. Create more personalized customer experiences:

• Improve your customers\' experience with location- and context-sensitive mobile apps.

• Try new experiences quickly and easily.

• Gain insights from consumer behavior. How about creating a smarter digital workplace for your employees?

• Create an efficient and productive workplace with real-time occupancy analysis, automated room scheduling, and interactive digital visitor management.

• Increase mobility and productivity with accessibility anywhere, anytime.

• Allows employees to take control of their workplace with intelligent mobile interaction and internal orientation.

HPE Pointnext Services can help you build and optimize the foundation of your network with design, implementation, integration, and support services, take a systematic approach to achieving your industrial and business IoT goals, and even develop differentiated experiences by interconnecting people, places, and devices.


Source: HPE

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