HPE Strategies to Thrive in the Digital Economy - Data

HPE Strategies to Thrive in the Digital Economy - Data

In a previous note, we emphasized the importance of correctly strengthening the networks that make up the perimeter of your company, taking advantage of IOT and capitalizing on the opportunities that arise to generate satisfactory experiences for your customers.

This time, we\'ll explore the data area, which if properly leveraged and unlocked can mean a competitive advantage over the competition. It\'s no secret, data is probably your most valuable asset, but only if you can transform it from a set of qualitative or quantitative values into hands-on business knowledge. The key is to unlock the full potential of your data through advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Dig into your data

Anyone in business knows there\'s no data shortage. But what can you really do with it? Where are all the places from which you can extract data? And how can you make sure your data is tagged, integrated, secure, and has a single view?

The reality is that data only takes on value when transformed into real-time intelligence, knowledge, and actions that can improve efficiency and create new business opportunities. Discover your own gold mine and unlock your data to learn more:

• Build a robust database: Too often, data is stuck in application-specific or departmental stores, where its value is limited. By unifying data across your enterprise, you\'ll create a basic, integrated channel on which to build a whole new level of AI and advanced analytics business capabilities.

• Protect your valuable assets: Data protection is essential to everything from ensuring business resilience in the event of cyberattacks to compliance with government and industry privacy and sovereignty regulations.

• Turn data into real-time actions: take your data to the next level (actionable intelligence). Discover the power of advanced data analytics and leverage emerging technologies like AI and blockchain to innovate beyond your imagination.


Build a strong database

Data analysis and AI are as powerful as the underlying data. A solid foundation starts with unifying all isolated data sources and lakes across your enterprise.

This can include structured and unstructured data, as well as information generated by people and machines. The key is to identify, translate, and load critical information of the mountains of data, from the edge to the cloud. Unify data across your enterprise:

• Integrate and automate your data warehouses and data lakes.

• Modernize Big Data platforms such as Hadoop and Spark for advanced analytics and AI workloads.

• Create custom data channels and integrated analytics solutions.

• Leverage the speed of in-memory databases such as SAP HANA®.


Protect your valuable assets and stick to compliance

In today\'s world, data breaches can lead to revenue loss, lower customer satisfaction, and legal challenges. Securing data is critical to ensuring compliance and defense against cyberattacks or data corruption. That means security must be integrated into every facet of your hybrid cloud and edge data environments.

Provide continuous security for your data:

• Create a holistic approach to security for protection, detection and recovery.

• Stay in control and build trust at every point of contact where there is a device that stores and processes your data.

• Get high-level analytics and cyber vulnerability repair for your entire IT infrastructure, databases, and applications.


Turn data into knowledge and actions

Detect fraudulent actions before a significant financial transaction is completed. Get a machine out of the production plant before it causes a problem. Schedule patient appointments before they call your doctor. All of this and more can be done automatically by applying AI and advanced analytics.

With AI and emerging technologies such as blockchain, it\'s possible to improve operational excellence, strengthen competitive advantage, accelerate innovation, deliver greater customer value, and more:

• Leverage advanced analytics to gain deeper insights and improve your business.

• Apply AI to predict and automate decisions, providing actions based on edge-to-cloud results.

• Provide end-to-end block-chain visibility to simplify and strengthen transaction confidence.

HPE Pointnext Services can help you easily centralize, standardize, integrate, and protect data from multiple sources and formats. They can help you leverage data analytics, AI, and blockchain to turn your data into stocks and revenue.


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