HPE Strategies to Thrive in the Digital Economy - Cloud

HPE Strategies to Thrive in the Digital Economy - Cloud

After analyzing the importance of properly taking advantage of the possibilities provided by your company\'s perimeter and the data your business generates, here we will examine another essential area for business today: the cloud.

Public, private, hybrid... what\'s the right combination for you? How do you plan and deploy hybrid cloud correctly? And how do you then run your environment optimally in terms of costs, security, compliance, and performance?


Get your head in the cloud

The hybrid cloud can be used as a competitive advantage, but it will only be as good as the applications and operations that support it. For example, have you optimized the placement of your workloads in terms of speed, cost, and security? Do you have the resources to run ongoing operations and maintain your hybrid cloud environment with optimal efficiency? Having the right cloud strategy, combined with efficient and seamless operations, is key to your business success.

• Get the right hybrid cloud combination for your business: run workloads in the right place, at the right cost. You have the help you need to control and manage performance, security, and compliance across your enterprise.

• Accelerate development—With the right infrastructure for cloud-native developers and solutions, you can drive faster innovation through a continuous delivery and integration process.

• Modernize operations and technologies—Get the right people, technology, and IT processes to achieve operational excellence in an era where IT is the business.


Get the right hybrid cloud combination for your business

Moving at business speed requires a well-tuned hybrid cloud environment. Having the right combination can turn your IT organization into a valuable agent of rapid, effective, and cost-effective change.

Such transformation can be daunting, with the introduction and integration of private clouds and public clouds into legacy IT environments. Unfortunately, the hybrid cloud does not come with an instruction manual. You could sail on your own, but why risk taking the wrong path when you might be following the best of them?

Optimize your combination:

• Evaluate the readiness of your staff, processes and technology for a multi-cloud environment.

• Optimize your cloud strategy for speed, taking into account application requirements, sourcing policy, and business needs.

• Determine which legacy apps are cloud-ready.

• Move and manage your workloads in your private cloud or in a public cloud such as AWS or Microsoft® Azure for maximum profitability, security, compliance, and performance.


Accelerate development

Creating a path to long-term business growth and success requires innovation. Given the speed at which different sectors and markets can change, you need to accelerate the pace in application development. Create a developer-ready infrastructure and cloud-native solutions that drive innovation:

• Create a secure, ready-to-use cloud environment.

• Leverage API-based, self-service, and shared capabilities.

• Accelerate software delivery by adopting cloud-native development tools and minimally viable product launch practices.

• Leverage containers to drive the next generation of cloud-native software development.


Modernize IT operations

For your business to move forward and compete effectively today and in the future, IT operations need to be modernized. When your business moves at an accelerated pace, modernizing your IT operations —people, processes, and technology— is vital. IT must overcome the growing complexity of hybrid cloud.

You need agile operations that include simplified key processes, intelligence built into your infrastructure, and a proactive approach to transforming day-to-day operations. Update your IT operations:

• Eliminate the heavy lifting and complexity of everyday hybrid cloud operations with a simpler IT experience.

• Proactively isolate and resolve IT issues, quickly, and even remotely.

• Consolidate and optimize technology management in your multi-vendor environment.

• Establish a personalized support experience with an IT partner who knows your business and operations in depth.

HPE Pointnext services can help you define, move, and manage your right hybrid cloud combination in a multi-cloud environment, and give you the resources to modernize your operations and technologies. It also allows you to create cloud-native solutions and a developer-ready infrastructure.


Source: HPE

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