Fortinet and Cisco are Leaders of the Magic Quadrant in the Gartner Network Infrastructure

Fortinet and Cisco are Leaders of the Magic Quadrant in the Gartner Network Infrastructure

An undeniable fact about technological events is that measures taken tempestuously in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic have come to stay. The transformation to business digitization, telework, and the need to adopt cloud storage are generating changes in WAN infrastructure for connectivity operations and infrastructure leaders.

As a result, these leaders must choose SD-WAN providers that meet these requirements to take the next step in evolving network infrastructure to connect end consumers and ensure their business processes. The prestigious Gartner brand has recently chosen our Fortinet and Cisco partners as market leaders in the supply of WAN and SD-WAN technology.

In this market analysis representing the Magic Quadrant, Gartner notes that Fortinet "has one of the most security-capable solutions" and if combined with other SD-WAN capabilities, it can generate better offerings. Another strong point is its continued investment in Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), which offers competitive pricing when leveraged with the full range of products it offers in the SD-WAN area.

With respect to our other partner, Cisco, the prestigious brand points out among its strengths its great ability to operate on a large scale and establish long-term viability, thanks to its huge installed base in use and its various global marketing channels.

Gartner claims that Cisco has a strong plan to deliver ever-better security capabilities in an integrated way, oriented towards an SASE architecture. "Cisco has as a feature breadth and depth that serve almost all customer usage scenarios and geography," the post adds.

Last but not least, this Analysis of the Magic Quadrant on Network Infrastructure also shows another of our partners; Citrix, listed as a Challenger company. Gartner says the SD-WAN offered by the company comprises a comprehensive solution that includes strong networking, application performance optimization, cloud usage, and security.

"Citrix SD-WAN is handled in the same way as interfaces from other enterprise products, such as Citrix Workspace, which can simplify operations for established Citrix customers," research says, adding that the company is expanding the orchestration capabilities of its clouds by enabling easier access to cloud uploads to its users.

Softelinet is proud to maintain strategic alliances with our partners, who have been working hard to position themselves as leaders in the technology market, as evidenced by this in-depth analysis of each company\'s capabilities.

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