Improve the security of your e-mail: it remains the most common means for cyberattacks

Improve the security of your e-mail: it remains the most common means for cyberattacks

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, SaaS technology-based applications and tools such as Microsoft 365 (M365) had been gaining market shares at considerable pace. Now, with hundreds of millions of workers working from home, companies are embracing these technologies, including M365, like never before, so many of these organizations have also begun dismantling their old email security defenses and relying more on the security of SaaS applications. However, as email is the most common means of carrying out cyberattacks, it is vitally important that organizations ensure that they have advanced security systems.

While certainly the two security services for your M365 product, Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), offer almost everything that is needed in terms of security for your infrastructure, both have low threat detection scores.

As a result, many companies have chosen to join Dynamic Cloud Security, one of our partner Fortinet\'s enterprise security solutions, which includes FortiMail, to increase and complement M365\'s native capabilities and improve cloud travel protection.


The safety offered by Fortinet gets high test results

SE Labs\' most recent report, which pitted leading email security companies against live targeted attacks, similar to or equal to those observed at recent security events, revealed differences between the security offered by M365 and that of third-party vendors.

SE Labs found that Microsoft\'s solution in email security had less than 30% accuracy in detecting and handling messages with threats, false positives, and false negatives, as well as the components of those messages as links and attachments. This poor performance highlights the need to include advanced solutions from third-party vendors to strengthen Microsoft\'s security.

On the other hand, SE Labs placed FortiMail from Fortinet among the leaders in terms of total accuracy indicators with 90% accuracy in threat detection. Other security tests supported FortiMail\'s ability, with few or no false positives: Virus Bulletin in its quarterly comparative analysis on SPAM detection, declared Fortinet to be the most effective solution, with 99.84% accuracy and no false positives.

The ICSA Labs test corroborated Virus Bulletin results: after 5 weeks of extensive testing, it recorded 99.8% threat detection with a rate of less than 1.6% false positives, both being the best results of all products and solutions tested.


FortiMail: A solution that complements Microsoft 365

Through Security Fabric, Fortinet offers its broadest and most effective set of solutions aimed at complementing M365, working closely with Microsoft to integrate both platforms in the most efficient way, providing flexible consumption models and deploying options for on-premises, multi-cloud or hybrid installations.

Built from the ground up to coexist and complement M365, Fortinet\'s approach allows customers to use the Microsoft applications they are most familiar with and rely on the security offered by Fortinet.

SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365 are an example of the need for enterprise-class security solutions for cloud-based infrastructures. Our partner Fortinet offers its Dynamic Cloud Security solution that includes security for networks, applications, and platforms for all large clouds, both private and public.

It also provides a Cyber Threat Advisory program that analyzes your company\'s email traffic for spam, phishing, and malware. After two weeks of monitoring, Fortinet will provide you with a detailed advisory report. Check with Softelinet to ensure the security of your business.

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