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Pharmacy and retail
AP Meraki - Link Up

Locatel connected with our Meraki Access Point solution and Link Up – Customer Analytics, the most relevant in the country.

Locatel is a pharmacy chain of Venezuelan origin with an initial presence in the United States, Mexico, Russia and Colombia, thus accumulating more than 25 years of experience in the retail business specializing in health products and services. Its objective is prevention, maintenance and restoration of health, promoting a healthy lifestyle and offering comprehensive services that contribute to the well-being of families in the country.

Locatel, betting on generating innovative experiences for its customers, hand in hand with SOFTELINET, has decided to implement the Meraki and Link UP solution, generating user analytics that allow making the right decisions for its sales.

The project consists of the implementation so far of 149 AP Meraki MR44 equipment for the automation and management of the operating process of 56 stores, located in 20 states nationwide.

This project covers important areas of the operation, such as:

  • Centralization of device management through the cloud.
  • Implementation of a captive portal to offer internet to the store user. (customer experience).
  • Possibility of entering product catalogs and pages of interest of the organization.
  • Store inventory management.
  • Updating of prices in the system and on the shelves.
  • Connection of boxes via Wifi.
  • Connection of hand held and portable printers.
  • Update of obsolete equipment that prevented coverage in the store.
  • Traffic statistics inside the store.
  • Navigation consumption statistics within the store.
  • Statistics of sessions and user actions within the store.
  • Statistics of operating systems that connect to the AP.
  • Statistics of users who registered in the Captive Portal.
Impact generated
  • Increase the payment tools or channels for the convenience of the user.
  • It streamlines processes and allows an improvement of up to 98% in response times.
  • It allows you to analyze user behavior and generate reports that guide decision making.
  • Acerca la organización a sus usuarios finales.

Locatel moves your world with SOFTELINET!